Thank you for your time to visit this and performing the task at hand.

We have various positions as per our adverts all urgent and the candidate needs to perform the following test online. It will take about 5-15 minutes and we will determine if you are capable of internet browsing and following instructions. Complete the task below.

Task 1:
Please visit:

-> Please visit the link above to start. In order to qualify, the link you will view has 5 banner adverts. You need to click on all 5 banners which will open up and then register FREE by filling in the registration form or register as a user FREE. You will be mailed to verify your account on some of them, so please ensure it is done. Please check your spam folder in case the verification email is in there. You MUST verify your account on all banners. Once done we will get the confirmation and you will be contacted with position details, location and salary and we will request your CV to apply for positions. We will be working on a shortlist process and to ensure you are in it, please conduct the registration on all banners. We will then contact you once you are shortlisted.

-> Please visit the Banner 3, Clixsense when you register and login, you ge paid for viewing adverts, completing offers and much more. This can be a sideline business for you as well. Just to view offers and adverts you get paid in USD, use this as a money making tool as well.

-> Banner 5 requires your details to contact you and do insurance comparison, we will not be liable for this so please enter invalid contact and email details.
Task 2:
Please visit:

-> In the above link you will find 30 linked adverts, you need to click on all 30 adverts one at a time or open in a new window each of them and wait for them to load completely and then close the windows. All links must be opened and loaded completely then closed in order to track you. That's it!

*** IMPORTANT: Please complete the task on all banners. Please ensure you verify your email address and log into the site to confirm your account is approved and working.

Please Note: The above 5 registration sites are compulsory to register on and we are in no way linked to them and do not have anything to do with the job application. It is merely to determine if you can perform these simple tasks and follow the instructions here and once registered, you can ignore the sites. All communication will be done with us directly and can be contacted via this email address: for position details once you perform these tasks.


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